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Stuart Trotter

Rockpool Children´s Books published its first four titles in October 2006. Since then, its international reputation
for high quality picture and board books has grown steadily. To date we have published 27 titles, two of which have been animated!

Rockpool Children's Books nurtures new and established talent and uses high production values to create inspiring, inventive, well-designed children´s books that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Teaching and learning aims.

Rockpool Children´s Books support the development of early literacy skills in Foundation and Key Stage 1, based on the Primary Framework for Literacy. They cover the core learning strands for reading as stated in the framework. The creative content encourages children to listen, respond and interact with the story. Reading the book with your child will help with the recognition of high frequency words and the development of phonological skills.

Look inside! We have introduced a "look inside" or "book flipper" to give you a taste of the book.

The featured books are:

Stuart Trotter - Rockpool Children's Books.

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